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The Bexhill Trust

The Bexhill Trust was established in 1917 for the benefit of Bexhill-on-Sea inhabitants.

The town council is the appointing body of trustees.

The trust can have up to seven members (including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor as ex-officio members).

The town council has no management or involvement of the trust other than appointing members.

Trustees must live in or near Bexhill-on-Sea or carry out business here and hold office for five years.

Trustees are only entitled to act once they have signed the minute book's declaration of acceptance of office.

If a trustee doesn't attend a meeting for a period of one year, or is made bankrupt or resigns they will cease to be qualified.

The trust must hold meetings four times a year at which a chairman is appointed for each meeting.

Click on the link below for full details of the Trust Deed.