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Apply for a Grant

he town council sets aside part of its annual budget each year to make grants and donations to local voluntary and community groups.  This power is available to the town council under section 137 of the Local Government Act.

Each year the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government sets a limit on the maximum a parish/town council can spend on the community with this power.

The limit for 2023-24 is £9.93 per elector therefore the council has set an overall budget of £30,000 for 2023-24.  

Applications up to £1000 will be considered in July, October and January,

Applications between £1001 and £5000 will be considered in January and between £5001 and £10000 in October each year.

We welcome applications from all local groups and organisations who's work benefits our residents.  See below for the full details on the policy and how to apply.